The Rothschild clan today does not control the worldonly four countries

The Rothschilds gradually took over the banking systems of all
countries of the world, and therefore can easily affect individual
politicians and the government in general.

На начало текущего года в мире осталось only four countries,
uncontrolled by this richest and most influential clan –
almost world government. Although recently there were six
– Syria, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Libya and Sudan. but
the last two countries have already come under the Rothschild “guardianship” (remember
the story of the sad fate of the wise Lebanese ruler Gaddafi), and
now only 4 states remained free from their power.

The secret world government of the Rothschilds, as he calls it,
for example, the famous political scientist Dmitry Recrutov, seeks to subordinate
their influence and the remaining free states, hence the aggression
against Syria because if governments don’t want to voluntarily
obey the clan, then objectionable politicians like
rule is taken away or aggression is unleashed against the country in order to
shift the ruling regime and replace it more compliant
by the government.

For this reason, attacks are being launched on both the DPRK and Iran. It seems that
and Cuba will not escape this fate, says Dmitry, if the Rothschilds with
With the help of NATO forces, it will be possible to subjugate Syria, North Korea and

For more than two centuries of its existence, the Rothschild family,
using economic and physical threats, military interventions,
practically subjugated the whole world. Iran, for example, is still
unattainable for them for the simple reason that the islamic religion
prohibits all usury, including banking. But
it is this usury that is the main lever of economic
subordination of states.

By the way, specifies political scientist Recruits, and other religions, including
Christianity as well, forbid usury, but the Rothschilds
easily solve this problem by bribing officials who
Everywhere and everywhere possess an irrepressible thirst for money and power through them. BUT
if someone disobeys, then the world government, as we have
mentioned, there are other levers of influence on politicians.

According to independent experts for today the Rothschild family
controls more than half the assets of our entire planet for example
Credit Suisse estimates this fortune at 230 trillion dollars.
СШBUT. Plus, the clan owns the London Gold Exchange,
which sets the price for this precious metal, and therefore owns
another powerful lever of influence on the economies and policies of countries
of the world.

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