The rover “Curiosity” captured on Marsa bird

Representatives of the foreign ufological society “Disclose
Screen “reported that viewed pictures made famous
NASA’s third-generation Curiosity rover, and unexpectedly
обнаружили на одной из фотографий предполагаемую a bird!

According to the researchers, the mysterious frame was received by the rover
January 20 this year. Robot camera lens clearly hit
dark object, very similar to a feathered creature. The specialists
wonder how nobody discovered this anomaly before, studying
images on the official website of the american national
Aerospace Agency.

Some netizens considered that on the Red Planet in the very
There are birds or similar flying creatures. For others,
we have another proof of what Curiosity is doing
all their pictures are on Earth, and NASA is a hoax. By the way
the birds got into the frame and the moon missions of the USA, so that the feathered one
of the factors exposing cosmic mystifications from
the americans.

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