The ruins of cities discovered on the moon Chineseufologists

If NASA is constantly adjusting and hiding from the wide
public many snapshots from the moon, then photos sent
Chang’e, the Chinese satellite, allow today to detect on
Selene is something amazing.

Например, ufologists Поднебесной нашли на снимках спутника Chang’e
obviously man-made structures that simply cannot be confused
local landscape, although, of course, these are not cities, but ruins,
left from the once large lunar settlements. Who built them
who destroyed then – is unknown.

Правда, китайские ufologists сделали предположение, что эти города
destroyed by the Americans and in particular NASA, destroyed in order to hide
from the public the presence of aliens, that is, it was
alien cities. Such a fantastic assumption is made on
based on the study of craters near the found ruins of the lunar city. After all
there are also large craters left obviously by meteorites and more
the small ones that Chinese researchers considered to be traces of earthly
rockets and bombs.

Китайские энтузиасты-ufologists надеются, что их спутник Chang’e,
launched, we recall, in 2011, will allow to reveal all the secrets and
the mysteries of the moon, hidden until now by NASA. It will turn out
It’s hard or not to say them because the space agency
China may well classify all information relating to our
mysterious companion. By the way, which, according to some
conspiracy theories, created artificially in order to illuminate our
Earth at night (or for some other purpose, we don’t have much
clear). That’s just unknown, created by the ancient more developed
civilization of our planet, or still aliens? ..

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