The Russian Ministry of Defense has found the legendaryAtlantis

The Russian satellite “Cosmos 2499” found on the most part
North America the rise of powerful piezoelectric discharges,
which entailed a number of incomprehensible at first sight
catastrophes, like the collapse of American fighters in Nevada,
mysterious lights in Los Angeles, Utah and Mexico,
electric storm in san francisco and so on.

Analyzing what can cause such a powerful manifestation
piezoelectricity, Russian scientists have concluded that in the thick
our planet are huge reserves of water, commensurate with the world
ocean, but … in the form of a crystal, which generates the above

It is these gigantic reserves of water, breaking to the surface
the planets, the researchers write, organized floods of the world,
radically changing the face of the planets and destroying previous civilizations,
например, Atlantis.

But to look for the legendary country scientists SFLMRD (Department
promising military research and development of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation)
offer not the Atlantic Ocean, as it was done to this day,
but in the heart of America, that is, in the Western Interior Seaway area

A location that everyone knows today how
Yellowstone Caldera – this is the burial of ancient Atlantis,
mainland, which today is just beginning to rise –
�“Resurrect from the ashes”, that is, its titans awaken to life. BUT
because all the geological processes on the continent bordering
world catastrophes are associated with this process, and the very
поднятие BUTтлантиды вызывает гигантское давление на водный кристалл,
which is accompanied by the manifestation of powerful piezoelectric discharges
and related mysterious phenomena and disasters …

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