The same ghostly head appeared on twodifferent photos

American journalist and researcher of the supernatural
Terry Lurch from Los Angeles made a very intriguing

Specialist sorted out his considerable archive of haunted photos
and suddenly noticed something unusual. In two pictures depicting
supposed devilry, the same sinister male was visible
head with luminous eyes. Such a “coincidence” seemed to our
hero suspicious.

These frames were obtained in different places, by different people and in
different times, but in the same country – Mexico. One of
The photo depicts a young man against the background of a well, because of which
the aforementioned head with shining eyes peeps out. On the second
The picture shows a student sitting at a computer. Supposed
the ghost is clearly visible on the shelf over the right shoulder of the teenager.
It is known that both images were shot deep at night.

Further – more interesting. Terry Larch turned to the Internet and with
surprised to find that Mexico exists relatively
a little-known urban legend called “Cabeza de Phantasm”,
that is, literally – “the head of a ghost.” According to this myth,
a few decades ago in Tijuana lived an ordinary man named
Manuel, who on one miserable day was the victim of a violent attack.
gangsters. These monsters beheaded their prey and threw the body
miserable in the middle of the desert, and his head was taken with him as

The devout relatives of the killed buried his dead body, as they say, according to
all the rules, although they understood that without a head in a grave the spirit never
will not find peace. It is rumored that all the murderers of Manuel through
some time died under mysterious circumstances, but the head
the victim himself was never found. Since then, it is believed that
this phantom body part appears in various parts of the country
the Aztec, being unable to leave the Earth and rush into
the best of worlds.

Are there really two snapshots of ghost in the archive of Terry Larch?
the restless soul of wretched Manuel? ..

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