The satellite camera “caught” the alien shipmoving at tremendous speed

Conspiracyologist Tyler Glockner from a famous community
�Secureteam10 has published on the World Wide Web a unique and very
interesting from the point of view of ufology video. According to the specialist,
they sent him a mysterious satellite recording made during
observations from space for forest fires in California.

Unidentified is clearly visible in the video below.
flying object, flying over America. UFO flight speed
very high: he clearly overcomes the sound barrier. About it
speaks of a highly visible cloud of condensation that forms
the alleged “flying saucer” – a consequence of the Prandtl effect –

According to the ufologist, the dark aircraft probably belongs
aliens. Here is his personal opinion:

I noticed a couple of curious details regarding this video.
First, the object captured on it moves with a huge
by speed. Secondly, I have reason to believe that
there was a second UFO following the first one. This is a satellite recording, and
because we can not talk about the plane. This aircraft
many times larger than any supersonic fighter. And the most
interesting that an unidentified object flew relatively close to

On the YouTube video hosting, the video has already been watched by hundreds of thousands.
users. Many commentators felt that such a flying
the ship could not be made by man. Other viewers pushed
the assumption that it was a meteorite entering the atmosphere. Strange
just what about the fall of meteorites in california lately

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