The scientist believes that the rover filmed traceslife activity on mars

British geomicrobiologist Barry Digregorio from Buckingham
University made a curious accusatory statement
directed against the american national space

The scientist claims that NASA staff recently found
rover “Curiosity” traces of life on Mars, but preferred either
investigate them secretly from the world community, or not to study
at all.

Some time ago, Digregorio stated that the strange
�”Sticks”, discovered by the famous rover on an alien
rock suspiciously resemble traces of vital activity
fossil organisms. Similar traces can be found on Earth, and we have
they belong to the Ordovician period, which began around 485
million years ago. Why Americans refuse to check this
theory, the British do not understand. He told the tabloid reporters

NASA has a long history of avoiding learning about life.
Red Planet. It began at least in 1976, when
Mars flew the unit “Viking-1”. Why do you think none
device specifically designed to search for biological
life has not been sent there since? Yes, because NASA is already
found there multicellular organisms! This raises another question:
why American scientists do not want to report this sensational
news to humanity? I think it’s all about the money. Agency
gets billions of dollars in funding to collect on mars
stones and soil. If everyone finds out that there are more interesting things there,
NASA will simply be out of work. No one will allow scientists
deliver these bacteria to Earth. And send specialists to Mars for
construction of the laboratory there, we can not yet, because they have not reached
necessary technical development.

A geomicrobiologist suggests that a sensitive religious issue
too important. Prove that life develops and on
other planets, not just on ours, means to challenge
religious doctrines, and this can sow panic in society and

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