The scientist has created additionalrobotic arms

Remember the fantastic action movie “Spiderman 2”, where the main
antagonist acted Doctor Octopus? This fictional supervillain
known for its high-tech robotic tentacles,
attached to his back and allowing him to perform various
complex actions.

Assistant Professor Yamen Saraiji from Keio University, Japan
visibility was inspired by this particular character when he was working on
his latest invention. The scientist has created a kind of backpack with
two mechanical hands. Wearing such a device, you
get a couple of extra limbs.

True, unlike the tentacles of Doctor Octopus, these hands
controlled by the owner’s thoughts and artificial intelligence,
a remote operator, who put on a special virtual helmet
reality. Because of your shoulder, the camera peeps out
allowing the operator to see what you both do.

Although this is just an early prototype
robotic hands, and the technology will have to be worked out for a long time,
Saraigi is convinced that she has significant potential. For example,
extra hands allow professional mechanics to repair
equipment, being thousands of kilometers away from it. And in the field
educational device can become an invaluable training
tool. And this is only a fraction of what will be
is capable of this invention in the future. At least that’s what it thinks
Yamen Saraidzhi and his colleagues at work …

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