The seal “teleported” 100 kilometers fromof the ocean

Residents of Yorkshire in the north of England were amazed when
the other day we saw a seal in the meadow. At first, the witnesses took the animal for
Sheep (this is understandable), however, coming closer to the animal, turned out to be
shocked by what was in front of them. The most amazing thing is that
the adult male seal was almost 100 kilometers away from
nearest sea coast! How did he get here, no one say
capable of. Some Britons find the mammal just

Presented three shots, lightning spread over
The World Wide Web, made by local photographer Karen Hargreve. They and
another eyewitness, Tony Wilson, called the rescuers. Those arrived
they shrugged their shoulders and refused to interfere in any way.
They believe that the seal somehow in an incomprehensible way turned out to be
here, and if he does not suffer, do not touch him. They say beast
he will find his way home. But the simple average people, as easy
guess very sorry for the animal and they would like to help him, only
don’t know how. No one dares to transport
seals traveler to the water because they are afraid to damage it when
this: we need specialists and special equipment.

One relatively plausible theory is being advanced regarding
how the sea animal got here. Some zoologists
suggest that the seal left the ocean and rushed into one of
English rivers chasing salmon. However, what is interesting,
there are no rivers near the meadow where the male is found.
Is a mammal really just
teleported or moved tens of kilometers from the water
by some mysterious forces, say, aliens? Researchers
supernatural phenomena argue that it is quite possible.

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