The second American “sleeping prophet” sawWorld War III November 11, 2017

The 11:11 numeric sequence has long been troubling
conspiracy therapists: this secret of numbers, supposedly used by masons,
is a mysterious and frightening code for the rest of the world.

And here is the upcoming mystical date again – November 11, 2017
years, corresponding to this symbolic sequence. Moreover,
it is connected with the mysterious prophecy that on this day
The United States will cover with radioactive ash. This was reported back in 2014
unknown American clairvoyant whom doctors simply consider
a sick person. However, this “patient” predicted for two years
presidency to george bush when he was still governor and even
I did not think to run for the highest post of the United States. Then “sick”
I had another prophetic dream in which the whole of New Orleans was
flooded – in the future and this prophecy was fulfilled when
the city was hit by the horrific Katrina hurricane.

Where does all this known to conspiracy therapists? The fact is that the second
�America’s “sleeping prophet” after their prophetic dreams immediately called
911, turned to other authorities, but he or
sent to a psychiatrist, or simply fended off. Really,
before every disaster, according to doctors, the 911 service
receives hundreds of calls from mentally unbalanced citizens
who warn of an impending disaster. But nobody listens to them, in
our world is not yet meaningful and has not studied this phenomenon
orthodox science to all prophecies, especially psychos,
Regards yourself know how …

The second American “sleeping prophet” and in 2014 called
911, appealed to journalists, but his words seemed
meaningless, so they responded accordingly: again
advised to consult a doctor. But he argued:

In that dream, all the streets I walked along were covered in dead
bodies – with ulcers on the burned skin. Snow fell from above, but it was
very warm, because it was not cold snowflakes, but hot
the ashes. I wandered through the streets and watched this whole hellish picture,
which seemed even more terrible from barely making their way through
this ash of the sun’s rays, making the day look like a terrible twilight
loan day. Then I saw a piece of newspaper with the date – November 11
2017 …

Today, these terrible words suddenly surfaced, as if from non-existence,
because three years ago they actually seemed nonsense
madman It didn’t help even then that this American is exactly
predicted many other things that had already come true – nobody cares
believed: the possibility of atomic was too far-fetched in 2014
war for the United States. However, today, when North Korea faces
to turn the United States into radioactive ashes
it seems unreal …

Well, as they say, wait and see. Even more sinister
It seemed the date of November 11, 2011, so that only they did not predict on
this day all sorts of clairvoyants and the same valiant supporters
world conspiracy. But … nothing much happened that day.
Let’s hope that the Third World War, which they say
today conspiracy therapists will not start on November 11 of this year …

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