The second film “San Andreas” Americans cansee in real life and even participate in it

So say the conspiracy therapists, who believe that the forecasts of various
oracles about the unenviable fate of North America, and even the film
�”San Andreas” with its terrible mythical earthquake “Big One” –
all this well orchestrated stuffing the deepest world
government preparing a plan to destroy the United States.

Indeed, United States seismologists are already beating
alarm: the San Andreas Fracture, which forms the boundaries of the Pacific and
North American plate extending 750 miles from north to south
across coastal California behaves lately so that
ready to burst into global destructive

Earlier, several dozen jolts were observed here
3.0 on the Richter scale, however, seismologists for some reason persistently
they say that in the coming weeks you need to wait for real shaking

Scientists believe that the forerunner of this disaster is an underground blow at 4.6.
points against the ten mini-jolts that occurred last week,
that even the residents of San Francisco, as well as other populated
points – within a radius of one hundred kilometers from the epicenter. That’s what it says about
This seismologist of the US Geological Survey Ole Kaven:

This is a rather intense and alarming sequence.
aftershocks, followed by new vibrations of the soil.
The main push occurred at a depth of 4 miles, and right above
San Andreas fault, which is not only alarming, but already seriously

Approximately the same concerns were expressed by the director of the Center.
earthquakes of southern california thomas jordan who also
fears increased seismic activity in this area in

America is intensively prepared for the Apocalypse, supporters say
world conspiracy. A serious push over the rift only indicates
he is very much like this man-made wave action with
The goal is to wake up the dormant element to the village. And they will wake up
surely wake up! And this could be the beginning of the implementation
a global plan for the destruction of 90 percent
Earth’s population …

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