The secret of one unique spiral staircase

In the heart of the American city of Santa Fe (New Mexico)
there is an interesting monument of architecture – the so-called chapel
Loretto, which was previously a functioning Roman Catholic
by the church. Today it is a museum and at the same time a place where
pass the marriage of citizens. But most importantly, what is famous chapel
Loretto, is her extraordinary spiral staircase, about creating
which narrates the old legend.

… Antoine Mulie, a French architect who designed
the project of the building, died during its long construction, not
having managed to state to the end his plans. At the time of Muli’s death (1877)
interior decoration of the church was almost complete, not enough
only the stairs leading to the choirs where they were to be located
singers and musicians.

Rather narrow interior space and high location
choirs ruled out the construction of a standard ladder, and a side
there was, of course, no place. Not knowing what to do, the nuns became
pray to St. Joseph the Worker, the patron saint of carpenters and other things
craftsman people.

Their prayers were apparently heard, because after a few days
a man appeared on the threshold of the church who declared that he would raise
good staircase. The stranger has put one condition: he work
will be alone and in secret from everyone.

Three months later, the work was completed, and the master who
I did not give my name, I collected some simple tools and disappeared, leaving
after itself a highly unusual spiral staircase.

The nuns were amazed by the appearance of this structure: the stairs,
made from wood of unknown breed
the carpenter himself), as if hung in the air. Deprived central
columns and not attached to the wall, she seemed to be
it was sure to collapse … However, the design, created, by the way, without
a single nail and even without glue, differed simply fantastic
strength. The nuns wanted to thank the craftsman, but could not
to find him: an amazing carpenter was completely gone, and no one
could tell where he went.

Who created this mysterious spiral staircase?

By the way, the railings that we are seeing now are a ladder for
safety and convenience were equipped ten years after
erection, but from this it has not become less spectacular and

It is clear that in the mysterious appearance of the genius master and his
the miraculous work of the believers saw God’s providence. In contrast
from them, materialistic scientists have become what is called
�”Dig” under the carpenter. At the end of the last century, they managed to
to link certain known facts and on the basis of them to conclude:
an extraordinary staircase was created by Francois-Jean Rocha, a French carpenter,
who left his homeland shortly before the events described in the legend. Were
also found evidence that Rocha, who lived in
New Mexico, in 1895. was shot. Perhaps he spent on the run
for many years (this explains his unwillingness to advertise his
personality), however, could not escape from prosecution.

However, the legend of the wooden craftsman sent by God and
the version of modern scientists about the French emigrant joiner is the same
unprovable. According to independent researchers, Roche is not
possessed a fairly high skill, which is attributed to him,
to create such a fantastic ladder
and without a single nail and glue. By the way, let’s say that this staircase
assembled from special-shaped wooden parts, created and then
collected so filigree and accurate that a similar calculation
experts can not repeat even on a modern computer. With
This whole “airy” design, which is held only
thanks to the lower and upper mounting, without in any way touching the walls, not
shaken and did not even creak for more than a century. Besides, where
Francois-Jean Rocha was able to take this mysterious wood for her grade
which researchers can not determine until now. Sort of
spruce, but some unknown breed, but nothing like
nearby did not grow. Something similar is available only in Alaska,
but the northern spruce is still not exactly the same, which is why wood from
which built a unique spiral staircase in the chapel of the city
Santa Fe is most often called the Loretto tree …

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