The security camera caught anotherghost

Surveillance cameras that are so popular all over the world are more likely to catch
in their impassive lenses are not thieves and intruders (in
mainly against them, they are set in the house), and ghosts or
some kind of incomprehensible clots of energy that becomes quite
convincing evidence: the mysterious essence of the circle and everywhere.
And if our imperfect eye does not see them, this does not mean that
they are not.

However, it happens the other way around. One of the users of the Reddit resource
not so long ago shared a recording from a video surveillance camera, on which
a shadow flashed visibly. And the man claims that
put the DVR just because steel in his house
strange things happen: steps are heard, although nobody is there,
furniture itself moves, and so on – everything is like in a movie

Тут можно чокнуться, пишет автор видеоролика с ghostом, потому
that I did not find any explanation for these things. However, putting
security camera and making sure that in my house
some kind of entity really dwells, I have achieved little. it
not a thief who got into your apartment, catch, here with
you won’t go to the police with the video you received, and it’s not at all clear
where to go and what to do.

The most amazing thing is that the man received this record at the end
2017, but decided to post online only now.
Naturally, the video caught the attention of users, many
agreed that in the lower left corner of the screen really flashes
some kind of shadow. But what is it? Why did a man take so long with
publication of this material, why did he publish it, but
the main thing – he never said, but now this mysterious essence
pesters him still or left alone? ..

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