The security guard filmed the “flying saucer” onSino-Russian border

The security guard of the Dianza remote railway station at the border
China and Russia managed to capture on camera security strange
UFO flying over the paths in the evening.

The most amazing thing is that the mysterious unidentified object looked
as a stereotypical “flying saucer” from old science fiction
movies. A Chinese who wishes to remain anonymous for
Internet public does not know what to think about this. is he

I saw it with my own eyes, so it will be difficult for me
convince yourself that there was nothing there. At about 20:10 I noticed
some strange glow in the sky. At first I did not suspect
nothing wrong and decided to see this glow on the system monitor
security. Then I suddenly realized that it was not street
lamp or the light from the helicopter. With us in northeastern China
UFOs are constantly being watched, but in my practice this is the first
happening. I showed the record to the authorities, but I was politely asked not
worry about this, why I don’t call my
name …

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