�The Simpsons Mysteriously Foresee Againfuture

The famous comedy animated series “The Simpsons”, overlooking
American television screens for 28 years, has a mysterious property
предугадывать future. Funny yellow family, so beloved
viewers, at one time successfully predicted the epidemic of Ebola
in West Africa, the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001,
the discovery by European scientists of the Higgs boson, the victory
Donald Trump in the presidential election and many other important
world events.

Moreover, these predictions were made many years before
upcoming events, for example, the Simpsons Trump presidency
predicted back in 2000, when no one and imagine
this could not. And this is the case for almost all foresight.
The Simpsons. So blame the creators of the animated series
that they just use the leakage of information, does not work.
There is some kind of mysticism …

Here is another example of such a mystic: the other day the “The
Walt Disney Company “acquired for 52.4 billion dollars
21st Century Fox, which was one of the largest
financial transactions in world history. And who would have thought: still in
1998 “The Simpsons” were already joking that someday “Foxes”
will certainly become a subsidiary of Disney.

Suspicious viewers say that all this can not be
simple coincidence. Whether the creators of the cult cartoon
are clairvoyants (a seer was obviously in their team), or
the powerful of this world give them information about what will happen
in the future, assuming that this is possible. Or maybe a secret
Earth’s government has a very peculiar sense of humor and
from time to time for fun brings to life the jokes uttered
the heroes of the comic series from the TV screen? ..

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