�The Simpsons predicted the World Cup finalCup 2018

The American comedy cartoon “The Simpsons” has
inexplicable property to predict the future from time to time.

For its almost 30-year history, the most popular painted sitcom
successfully predicted the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001,
the Ebola epidemic in Africa, the formation of Donald Trump
President of the United States, the mass of the Higgs boson, the acquisition
21st Century Fox, The Walt Disney Company
and many other events.

Moreover, all these surprisingly accurate predictions were made long
before the upcoming events, sometimes 10-20 years before them.

Now fans of the funny little yellow family have determined that
�The Simpsons probably predicted in November 1997 the final
игру на Чемпионате мира Cup 2018, проходящем сейчас в
Russia. In this episode of the animated series, some abstract
football championship, in the finals of which were to clash in
the duel teams of Mexico and Portugal.

And what do you think: these teams actually demonstrate in
the moment is impressive, and there is every chance that
It is Mexico and Portugal that will eventually fight for the FIFA World Cup.
Is the “Simpsons” newfound prediction come true again?
It’s a pity that in that series of the sitcom the absolute
a winner, although it is interesting that the finalists are determined.
It remains only to wait, whether this prediction will come true, which,
note, can be traced by the fans of the “Simpsons” is still “before” and not
�“After”, which brings to this entertaining “game” an additional
piquancy …

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