The skeleton of a 130-meter snake “lies” on the shoreLoire

It would be more accurate to say – it is worth it, and even it even comes up, because
it was at low tide at the mouth of the French Laura River on the bank
the skeleton of this huge prehistoric serpent or even
legendary dragon, of which so revered, for example, in China.

For tourists who do not know that this is just a sculpture,
the appearance of this monster from the water, even if only in the form of a skeleton,
makes a huge, almost shock impression. It is on this and
counted French artist of Chinese descent Juan Yong
Pinga, who created a truly great miracle of sculptural
creativity, which has become the hallmark of this land and attracting
here are many tourists.

The skeleton of the Chinese dragon on the bank of Laura appeared in 2012,
although Huang Yong Ping set about creating his own unique
works of art a few years before. Create such
a large and unusual sculpture turned out to be difficult even when
modern technical capabilities. Especially as an artist
there was nowhere to take a sample of the animal, because the dragons in our
the world does not exist. For this reason, the vertebral part is resourceful.
the sculptor copied from an ordinary snake, but as a head model
and in particular to feed the sea monster served as an ordinary skull

The skeleton (more precisely – the skeleton) of the world’s greatest snake “hid” in
Laura’s place where it flows into the Bay of Biscay near the city
Nantes The place was not chosen by chance, as we have already mentioned, the calculation was
to the fact that the dragon is not just “lying” on the shore, but it appeared
out of the water, which happens at low tide. Unique length
The skeleton is nearly 130 meters. This artwork is created by Huang Yong
Ping in the framework of the festival of contemporary street art

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