The skier miraculously moved tospace and time

According to the publisher Express, in the United States occurred
a fantastic case of the disappearance of man and his appearance later
another place, and the Canadian himself, with whom this miracle happened, did not
can explain how he suddenly moved from one
the states of america in the other that are apart in
several thousand kilometers.

Konstantinos Filippidis – an unremarkable 49-year-old
a man, a resident of Toronto, a fireman. Early February
he went with friends to the Adirondack Mountains of New York –
To ski. And that’s what happened to him (the story of one of
his friends):

February 7, we, as usual, skiing, the day was sunny,
pleasant, cheerful mood. Towards evening Konstantinos decided
to slide down from his beloved Whiteface mountainside one more time, and we
(all others) for some reason tired by the time, but because
headed to the hotel. We did not see Filippidis again that day.
Late in the evening already raised the alarm. Over the next days
missing Konstantinos were searched by everyone who could: we, the rest
volunteers, police, special forces rescuers, were
helicopters are involved, dogs – and he fell through the earth.
And all his belongings, including documents, passport there, remained in
the hotel, then they were taken by the police …

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