The sky above Rome was closed by millions of frightenedbirds

That is how the inhabitants thought, since the unthinkable accumulation
starlings not only hid from the inhabitants of the capital of Italy the sunset, these
birdsы и вели себя как-то пугающе странно, словно на самом деле были
scared of something. And this fear was passed on to the Romans.

Recall that in the last century, viewers around the world were amazed
Alfred Hitchcock’s science fiction film titled The Birds.
It was there that paintings of distraught birds were shown, and
birds в таком огромном количестве, что они закрывали небо. Now,
say the inhabitants of Rome, it seems that this mysterious ecological
disaster becomes reality?

True, Italian scientists are trying to somehow explain this
немыслимое скопление birds. Ornithologists talk about increasing
starling populations, lack of natural food for them and other
unlikely causes, geophysicists recall a change in magnetic fields
Earth, seismologists put forward a terrible hypothesis about the possible strong
earthquake. Meanwhile, pastors and prophets foreshadow
expected doomsday. In fact, nobody knows for sure that
led numerous flocks of starlings to Rome. Are they really
scared of something or just were a landmark event of the future
disasters, that is, flew themselves scare? ..

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