The solar observatory in the United States is urgently closed withoutreasons

Already a few days have passed since, as a matter of urgency and
без reasons ФБР закрыли обсерваторию (по изучению
sunspots) located on Mount Sacramento Peak (state
New Mexico). All efforts of journalists and independent researchers
learn at least something about this, until they were unsuccessful.

Therefore, among the conspiracy theories are born their own versions, one another
more fantastic and more terrible, starting with the fact that the Sun occurred
powerful flash, and therefore in order to conspiracy (fearing panic among
population) all employees of the observatory are temporarily evacuated and
planted under the castle, and ending with the fact that the telescope “saw” the aliens,
therefore all this information is urgently withdrawn, and witnesses
are isolated.

In fact, everything is much more mysterious and incomprehensible. WITH
On the one hand, the director of the closed observatory, James Makatir, is already
officially denied any alien versions, and with
the other is employees of AURA (an association of universities whose scientists
are engaged in astronomical observations in the above-mentioned solar
observatories) fully evacuated (under the pretext of some
strange security), and they all up to a single store coffin

WITHитуация усугубляется тем, пишут уфологи, что в последнее время
вокруг WITHША вообще происходит много чего непонятного, причем это
connected not only with military and their development, but also with space
programs, including the most classified. It must be assumed that
обсерватория на горе WITHакраменто-Пик имеет какое-то отношение к
possible leakage of secret information of precisely cosmic significance.
But what? ..

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