The Spaniard photographed the “dark priest” inthe park

32-year-old Sergio Villaronga from the Spanish city of Valencia
shared with the World Wide Web users an unusual snapshot,
he received on Monday, October 15th. According to the man, he
walked with his girlfriend in the local park, where in the middle
a lovely day there was a strange haze.

True, the human eye was unable to notice it. But in
a certain moment our hero took out a smartphone and several times
photographed autumn nature. When the couple returned home and
looked through the shots received during this autumn promenade
unexpectedly noticed on one of them something mysterious and even
scary. You can see this picture below.

Random whitish shred of mist imprinted on the image,
accepted, as the astonished Spaniards claim, the outlines of death with
oblique, or, as it is called in Western countries, gloomy
reaper. Say, clearly visible skull-head and robed in
the mantle is the body of a bony old woman, as well as a scythe in her left hand.

Many of the Network’s regulars, looking at this picture, felt that
it’s about a bizarre paradolic illusion when our brains
recognizes various shapes in random objects and patterns. Although
commentators and acknowledge that a clot of haze, photographed
Sergio, in fact, looks quite ominous. Especially because
This “paradolic illusion” was still caught by the camera, and not by
human eye …

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