The specialist captured devilry in Englishforte

33-year-old British supernatural expert
Tony Ferguson recently visited the famous artillery fort.
Hearst Castle in Hampshire, built back in the 1540s by Henry VIII.
There the researcher of the paranormals unexpectedly succeeded in capturing on
video mysterious human figure with luminous eyes.
Estimated ghost appeared in one of the windows of the old fortress
and refused, despite all the persuasion of Tony, to give his name.

Ironically: the purpose of this expedition, according to the surprised
Ferguson, there was a denial of the fact that the spirit dwells in the walls of the fort
former caretaker. However, instead, the expert, across the
appearances, only proved the veracity of a famous urban myth.
Having seen this sinister silhouette during the Hurst-Castle survey, our
the hero is really scared. The fact is that the phantom looked into
window structures outside, being at that moment at a height of 15-20

Mystical legend says that once looked after a fort
a man who suffered greatly from loneliness and who had
only one friend is an old sick dog. When animal
left this world, the unfortunate caretaker could not bear the loss
I threw myself out of the window and crashed down to the ground. Maybe it’s about
the window where Ferguson fixed the paranormal? The hunter
ghosts suggest that if the legend is true, then the probability
this is great.

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