The specialist recorded the conversation with the ghost

30 year old British researcher of supernatural phenomena
Phil Sinclair decided to recently contact the spirits, visiting “the most
ghost-covered road of the United Kingdom “in English
Sheffield town of south yorkshire. Specialist used
amazing device Ovilus, allowing to convert
electromotive force in audio. The results of this experiment
really hit the man and all his colleagues.

The following video, lasting just over 15 minutes,
shows our hero standing at night in the middle of a forest road where
accidents often occur. Apparently, therefore, this place has so
gloomy reputation. According to urban legends, in the dark
days here you can meet more than a dozen ghosts, among which
phantoms of a little boy, a catholic monk,
beautiful woman and a tall old man.

At some point, from the dynamics of Ovilus suddenly comes a terrible
growl: “Get out!” Sinclair asks an invisible force: “What
Do you need? ”The answer that follows is just shocking:“ Your
soul”. According to Phil, it was the most impressive case.
communications with paranormalism for all his practice. Returning to
that night home, the British could not fall asleep until the very morning, because
it seemed to him that the sinister essence was still somewhere nearby.

But this does not end the oddity. When this video got
on the World Wide Web, some Web users noticed on
The recording is something remarkable. At 5:53 behind the left shoulder
men slips whitish figure, vaguely reminiscent
human silhouette. Maybe it was the same came from
the light that frightened the researcher? And will this
what the hell really ghost hunter? As written
one of the commentators on this video if Phil Sinclair tomorrow
suddenly die, it won’t surprise me …

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