The spirit of a man absorbed in a mysterious holestill trying to get out

The corpse of a man who was swallowed up incomprehensibly from which hole
in the ground, perhaps still wants to get to the surface. it
not a horror movie script, but a famous urban legend from
English city of Stoke-on-Trent, in which the real can
turn out to be much more than it seems at first glance.

On Saturday, December 3, 1903, a local resident, Thomas Holland, at 7
the morning went to work and fell into the hole, suddenly formed
on the pavement right under his feet. 56-year-old candlestick with a cry
fell down, and no one else saw him. Ever more
century, and the body of the unfortunate is still deep under
by land.

Rescuers felt that the man fell into the old mine
about 40 meters deep, filled with poisonous gas, and flatly
refused to go down. They suggested that Thomas instantly
died in the fall, but some witnesses believed that Holland
could at first stay alive, and he could still be saved. But
instead, workers were called in here, who quickly repaired the pit, and
city ​​life went on as usual.

Perhaps it is from this that the myth has arisen that under the street of St. John
in the north of Stoke-on-Trent is either the restless spirit, or
the real zombie spawned by Thomas
Holland They say that at night you can hear quiet
blows and moans out of the ground, like someone locked below
thick asphalt, trying to break out. And every year on December 3
here they allegedly see in the morning a strange haze that takes on a vague look
human silhouette.

British historian Fred Lee wrote in his book “Legends and Myths
Staffordshire “that in 1903, when this tragedy happened,
the townspeople wanted to put a kerosene lamp in the proposed mine
on the rope, to see if you can somehow help the fallen,
however, the local miner shouted that in no case
cannot, as fuel accumulations can explode underground
gas. One of the witnesses even claimed that he had shone down and
I saw Thomas trying to climb a sheer stone.
The skin of a wounded man or already dead was pale, and his eyes
entirely red with blood.

Mr. Holland’s death then shocked the whole country and several
days did not descend from the front pages of newspapers. For the first time in county history
funeral ceremony was held on a busy road. Despite
the fact that it was raining, many townspeople came to say goodbye to the deceased.

Thomas was a widower – his wife died in 1886. Spouses
left four children.

Perhaps the British have a particular love for stories about
ghosts, just could not think of some mystique here.
Or maybe — who knows — this mysticism really has a place to be, and
the spirit of Thomas Holland, absorbed by the mysterious hole, is still
trying to break out …

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