The spirit of a small child noticed on Texancemetery

Chuck Soudi, who lives in El Paso, Texas, tells
that loves to visit cemeteries at night with friends, abandoned houses and
other creepy places an ordinary person will never go to
Night time. This allows him and his entourage to receive
�”Adrenaline rush”, as they call it unusual

At the same time, Chuck, on a conscious level, never believed in
supernatural phenomena, although subconsciously, presumably
допускал их, раз шел ночью на cemetery «пощекотать нервы». but
a few days ago he had to change his attitude
the existence of the paranormal. American says that absolutely
accidentally photographed on the churchyard the spirit of a small child.

According to Soudi, at the beginning of this week, he and his buddies
отправились после заката на местное cemetery «Конкордия», чтобы в
once again to experience something amazing, very similar to the reception
easy drug. On this huge graveyard, according to the urban
legends inhabited by many ghosts. Also sad
the famous serial killer Richard Ramirez, as a teenager,
often slept here and performed satanic rituals.

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