�”The Spirit” of Jeanne Friske saw on the photo of herapartments

In June 2015, a famous Russian singer died and
actress Zhanna Friske, however some fans of the star believe
that her spirit is still here.

To this conclusion, fans of Friske unexpectedly came to consider
something strange not a photo that was taken recently in an apartment
the late celebrity of her relatives.

Observant (or simply endowed with excessive imagination)
Runet users saw in the window behind the dark women
humanoid silhouette. Some network regulars even stated
that noticed on the photo a human face. Skeptics say that
This is for sure an optical illusion.

However, there are very strange rumors about the death of Zhanna Friske,
associating the premature demise of the actress with her filming in
the mystical motion pictures of Timur Bekmambetov’s “Night Watch” and
�”Day Watch”, where she played the modern witch. notice, that
a few years before the filming, the fortune teller predicted to Friske that
she will soon have a chance to become a witch, great fame will come, and
then big trouble will follow. By the way, death soon mowed down and
the second witch “Night Watch” – the famous Russian actress
Rimma Markov.

For all these reasons, the mystics believe that there is nothing
the strange thing is that in the apartment of Zhanna Friske still appears
her phantom: apparently the restless spirit of the actress “stuck” for some
reason (quite possibly because of her filming mystical
pictures) in this world …

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