The spirit of Joseph Kobzon photographed at the meetingState Duma

The famous domestic performer, political and
public figure Iosif Kobzon died on August 30 this
at the age of 80 (September 11, he turned 81) after
long struggle with the disease.

Despite this, some Runet users are sure that the spirit
the legendary performer of pop songs still resides in our
world, and even visits his former job, as if still
alive and well.

The fact is that the most observant regulars of the Network suddenly
reviewed the alleged artist phantom in a recent photograph
meetings of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Is Joseph Davydovich,
was a member of the Russian parliament, decided
materialize here after death?

Translucent male silhouette in a business suit and with corporate
�”Kobzon” hair-strap stood among the rows and watched
apparently, right into the camera lens. It happened during
the adoption by parliamentarians of a bill relating to fines for
dismissal of Russians in the pre-retirement age. Believers in mysticism and
afterlife regulars Runet suggest that the ghost
Kobzon appeared at a rally of people’s representatives in order to warn them
about responsibility for holding anti-people pension
reforms …

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