The spirit of the 17th century soldier is captured floating abovehis grave

The mysterious human figure is captured floating above the grave.
It happened on the famous (abundantly “inhabited by ghosts”)
St. James Cemetery in English Liverpool. Snapshot author
convinced that she managed to photograph the spirit of the soldier mid
The 17th century, materialized on the site of its eternal

Canadian traveler Louise Farrell says that
a few days ago went here in the dark with
other tourists during the so-called “ghost tour”.
The woman did not even suspect that she would be lucky enough to touch
that night to something otherworldly and frightening.

Looking at the frame below, you can actually
consider an anthropomorphic silhouette towering over a gravestone
a stone. According to Farrell, the alleged foreigner is dressed
in armor used by European soldiers in the 17th century. BUT
on the head of the spirit, they say, the helmet is noticeable.

Keith Braithwaite, organizing the monthly “ghostly tours” on
the city since 2002, got acquainted with the photo taken by Louise and
concluded that this is one of the most impressive materials
received by its trippers. The specialist believes that it is a question of
the phantom of the military who died in 1644 when Rupert Palatinate
besieged Liverpool along with 10 thousand of his soldiers. Whether it is
the ghost of one of the besiegers of the city, or of one of the defenders

Here’s what Louise said about what happened:

This was my first trip with Keith. I was very excited
although I didn’t believe that I could see anything
supernatural in the cemetery of saint jacob, the more
take a picture of it. What happened there surpassed all mine
expectations First, I noticed a vague face above the grave, then
I realized that a man was hovering over the tombstone. I got my mobile
and filmed a mysterious stranger. After that he slowly
dissolved in the air. No one except me saw the ghost of a soldier
but, fortunately, he was well imprinted on the photo.

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