The spirit of the legendary comedian spoke withthe spectator in the cinema

64-year-old ghost hunter Micky Virmuch claims that he
managed to photograph the spirit of the legendary British comedy
actor Stan Laurel. It happened the other day in the town of Bishop Auckland
English county Durham. According to our hero, he visited
local basement cinema and began to watch there alone
silent film “Love Letters of Eve” in 1927, one of the roles in
which Laurel performed.

During the film show, Virmuch suddenly saw in the darkness of the hall
not far from itself vague human figure. Specialist
the realm of the supernatural immediately realized that he had met
ghost. He gently pulled out his smartphone and photographed
coming from the next world. Suddenly, the phantom asked the viewer to stop
this. When the ghost approached Mickey, he realized that before him
worth Stan Laurel, who attended the late show of the film in which he
once played.

Virmuch tells:

Mr. Laurel’s spirit told me that he had long since found peace, however
sometimes it materializes in this cinema, because here it is
was happy in life. He seemed to me, because he wanted the world
knew that he was still there. Also in America recently
His daughter died, and the ghost was very excited about their impending
meeting in a subtle world. When we talked, he disappeared. I was
so excited about what happened that he didn’t immediately remember
received photos. When I looked at it later,
turned out to be even more excited. Translucent figure of a comedian
captured in the picture! Despite the fact that the hall was dark and
The photo turned out to be of poor quality, you can still clearly on it
consider Mr. Laurel. This is an amazing frame, circumstances
the receipt of which I will never forget.

Indeed, an amazing story, which is even difficult
believe However, the spirits of the dead quite often communicate with the living. AND
If you believe in it, then with Mickey Wyrmuch there was just another
similar contact, which for lovers of mystics is real
find …

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