The spirit of the little slave photographed oninfamous plantation

It is believed that the former Myrtles cotton plantation in Louisiana
The city of St. Francisville is inhabited by many people from
light, so it is not surprising that the other day here
photographed the spirit of a little slave.

На infamous plantation часто замечают, а иногда и
the ghosts of slaves who once belonged to the family
Stern General David Bradford. It is said that slaves were kept
owners in terrible conditions and worked for wear, so there is no
no wonder phantoms of these unfortunates are still crammed together
in these walls. No such people were buried according to African
customs, so their restless spirits, quite possibly, cannot
leave our world.

Another confirmation of this belief was received the other day,
when a group of six girlfriends visited this manor built in
1796 Tourists have done a lot during their holidays.
pictures, including photographed together near the house. When
they subsequently viewed the received frames, then unexpectedly
noticed something strange and frightening in the general picture. In the window behind
our heroines seemed translucent face of a black woman.
Despite the fact that skeptics talk about paradolia and the game
light-shadows, most commentators on the Internet refuse
believe in a simple illusion.

Researchers of supernatural phenomena, acquainted with
mysterious photo, suggested that it was not a woman, but ephemeral
girl. In St. Francisville, the legend of the small
slave named chloe. If you believe this story, the child could not bear
severe conditions on the plantation of General David Bradford and died from
diseases. The ghostly Chloe was repeatedly noticed in the Myrtles and even
photographed several times at the end of the last millennium. New
snapshot of the spirit of a little slave who appeared in a social network
�”Facebook” on December 7, may well be another proof
the presence of a subtle afterworld that is constantly in contact with
our physical reality.

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