The stork brought a huge bill to Polish scientistsmobile services

Some believe that storks bring children, but one of
such birds brought to the Polish researchers a huge bill for services
mobile communications.

In April 2017, scientists from the environmental company “EcoLogic”
equip the feathered Kayka with a GPS tracker with a SIM card and
let loose. Specialists intended to track its path
migration and wait for the bird after wintering, but these plans are not
was destined to come true. Having flown 6000 kilometers, Kayka found himself in
Sudan and lost his tracker there. And one of the locals is just
I picked up the device and removed the identification module from it

Unknown resourceful African, apparently put in
card in your cell phone and started using it
intended purpose, that is, for conversations and access to the Internet. AT
Ultimately, a Sudanese man talked on the phone for the amount
equivalent to 200 thousand Russian rubles! Unfortunately, the Poles
were forced to pay the entire bill to the mobile operator because
SIM was registered to one of the employees
�”EcoLogic”. Of course, this fact is very upsetting environmental
researchers, however, according to scientists, they are no less
saddened by the fact that they have lost touch with the feathered pet.

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