The stormy wind made the land “breathe”canadian forest

The awesome video footage is gaining popularity on YouTube,
received a few days ago by a resident of a Canadian municipality
Sare Coeur in Quebec. The man went to the forest and was
caught here by the storm wind. At some point he
unexpectedly witnessed an amazing natural phenomenon.

The land under the trees leaning from the storm suddenly began
rise and fall as if breathing in time with the whiffs of the wind.
This surreal spectacle struck our hero to the depths of the soul,
and he hurried to get a cell phone to capture
abnormal soil behavior on camera.

Many netizens thought it was just
the roots of the trees, unsteadily sitting in the ground, heaved. However,
many other regulars on the World Wide Web are convinced: we have
much more unusual phenomenon. Вдруг земля в canadian forest в
really breathing like a living thing?

If you push off from the theory that our planet is in itself –
highly developed mind that can practically anything, then
why shouldn’t she demonstrate her breathing, even if it
was something other than the elementary enrichment of a living organism
with oxygen. Just the human mind is too weak before the mind
Earth, and therefore can neither understand nor explain many
natural phenomena, which in this case seem to us anomalous and
even mystical …

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