The story of a former military pilot openssecrets of the secret “Zone-51”

Former military pilot Robert Miller, who is now under
ninety years old, decided to tell the general public through the channel
ApexTV about how he once had to experience “flying
dish “, created by alien technology on the secret

Secret base in the Nevada desert has long attracted attention
ufologists and conspiracy therapists who believe that they were delivered there
debris of a UFO crashed near the city of Roswell in 1947,
as the bodies of aliens from this unit. So here is Robert Miller
his story confirms this, since the “Zone-51” in strict
secrecy (not even a word to his family, what did he do there) worked for him
father, and then, by his patronage, Robert himself falls on this base –
at that time already experienced military pilot.

Falls as a tester created by an alien
“flying saucer” technology, which Robert describes as
disc-shaped apparatus with a diameter of 15 meters, with a transparent dome
upstairs, the only chair underneath and with a mysterious helmet for
tester – and no handwheels or other devices for
control this mysterious disk.

Test “flying saucer” on the “Zone-51”

The pilot was told that the “flying saucer” uses
antimatter, and it is controlled by the power of thought, that is, telepathically with
with the help of this unusual helmet, therefore no hand wheels
required. Wearing a helmet, Robert really managed to
launch gravitational engines, and then fly up over the plateau, where
passed the test apparatus. All this was filmed.

From the ground, the pilot was ordered to climb to a height of 300 meters,
however, already at an altitude of 150 meters, the “flying saucer” suddenly stopped
work and began to fall. When to the surface of the earth remained
a few meters, Robert fainted. He woke up at the hospital
койке в той же �”Zone-51″. As he understood from the story of her staff,
when tested, the apparatus began to fall, but without reaching several
meters to the ground, just gone. All test participants waited
a little and went, and at night they were awakened by a crash – on that
the place where it should be, lay a broken “plate” (falling from
half an hour late), and in her Robert is unconscious with
chipped legs. It turns out that Miller somehow
moved in time, flying a bit into the future …

Miller was treated, took a non-disclosure subscription and sent to
retirement And he was silent for many years, like his father, because he was
warned: otherwise it will end badly both for him and for his
relatives. But today, as stated by the former pilot on the channel
ApexTV, he is already old, and he has nothing to fear, but to live with such a burden
tired of lying – let the public know what’s going on in the secret
�”Zone-51″. You can learn more about all this by looking
entry by Robert Miller himself, there are captions in Russian on the video
language. To believe or not to believe in this story is up to you and only

By the way, Robert himself is well aware that his speech may
seem to someone a pure nonsense, why immediately warns
skeptics: he turns not to them, but to those who can think
analyze and maybe change something in this life because with
many years have passed since then, and it is difficult to even imagine what they are doing
scary “people in black” secret “Zone-51” now …

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