The story of the Moscow realtor

This story was told by Moscow single realtor Victor P.
Long-term practice in the delivery of metropolitan apartments made him
witness amazing, just the same mystical events.

�“Over the decade of work as a realtor, I have repeatedly dealt with
“Bad” apartments, which are often empty for months.
Perhaps you think that there are few such people in Moscow, but I can assure you:
in fact, a lot of them. For example, in one apartment two
the tenants committed suicide; after that there is nobody there for a long time
could not and did not want to live.

Or another example – a studio apartment next door to
granny. Everyone whoever moved in there moved out then, complaining about
poor health and general deterioration of health, weakness,
lack of sleep The old neighbor, on the contrary, flourished with each
new tenant. In the end, the whole staircase was empty, and
granny, left alone, soon moved to the next world.
Maybe this, of course, is a coincidence, but maybe not. However was
My practice is quite a terrible case.

… Called the girl called Antonina and said she was looking for
an apartment. Together with her we traveled at least a dozen addresses. I
Immediately drew attention to the strange behavior of Antonina. Her not
interested in neither the number of rooms, nor the repair, nor the view that opens
from the windows. The girl leisurely passed through the apartment and as if
sniffed something and then said no.

Tired of this, incomprehensible to me, busting and getting angry at
Антонину, я намеренно привез ее в “нехорошую” an apartment. Residents
never stayed here for a long time: complained about the rattle, squeaks
and steps at night. The latter was completely blown away by the wind, because
their TV turned on by itself and also independently
the lights were turned off, kitchen cabinets were opening and closing … And now
Antonina suddenly liked this apartment with devilry, there my
client and settled.

The owner of the apartment only two days later signed the corresponding
contract, giving me the second set of keys. This day i
just drove past the mysterious haven of Antonina and decided
give her both.

Nobody opened the door for me, and I decided to use someone else’s
keys. I thought I would leave everything in the hallway and leave, and Antonina will understand and
not offended.

Moscow realtor becomes a member of the mystical

Once inside the apartment, I felt some kind of strange
anxiety, something prevented me from simply turning around and leaving. Not
understanding why I was doing this, I opened the door to the hall and immediately froze:
the huge window was covered with thick curtains, the room was dark. I
took a few steps and heard some rustling. Turning on
him, I was stunned …

Some kind of creature approached me. I не мог толком разглядеть
her, but she seemed to me the embodiment of horror. And at that moment because
another creature swept out of the couch and clung to the monster’s throat.
This creature resembled a giant cat and at the same time
it remained … (oh my god) by Antonina. This sometimes happens in a dream:
well familiar to you looks completely different, but you
well you know that it is he.

However, then everything happened in reality and in all seriousness. I в
terrified back to the door, and Antonina (in her new incarnation) is not
I finished off, I did not eat a nasty creature … She didn’t

… Two months later, Antonina returned the keys to the apartment, while
she caught a glimpse that the shelter was now clean. And indeed
because people went there because they didn’t run into anything else
abnormal and quietly lived in the apartment for several years … “

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