The structure of the seeds of a dandelion several timesmore effective than similar devices invented by man

Scientists see many things from nature, on the basis of which
brilliant ideas are born, for example, “air” construction of towers
and bridges, ultrastrong spider webs, and so on. Quite
recently researchers at the University of Edinburgh noticed
parachute dandelions and compared them with modern parachutes,
used today by pilots, military, astronauts …

And it turned out that, in spite of all modernizations
devices for smooth and safe lowering of a person or load on
the surface of the earth, it cannot be compared with the ingenious
the decision of nature, embodied in the most ordinary and widely
common plant – dandelion.

His parachutes with seeds can fly hundreds into the air.
meters and cover the distance to 900 kilometers. Based on this
a long time ago (made by German researchers) discovery
group of edinburgh scientists led by doctor catal cummins
created a special wind tunnel in which they could
observe, shoot, and then study the flight of dandelion seeds.

Videos and images showed that the air passing through the bristles
natural parachute, forms a vortex bubble, which
allows a dandelion seed to rise quite high and soar
infinitely long.

Natural construction, says Dr. Cummins in an article,
at least four times published in Nature
more effective than the most perfect parachute, invented by man.
Of course, dandelion parachutes are a bit different task than
human parachute, however, based on a study that conducted
staff at edinburgh university, you can create something
useful for aeronautics. For example, use this
�”Vortex ring” in small drones capable of flying on “porous
parachutes, using almost only the energy of the air

Such drones, according to a Scottish scientist, can
use effectively, for example, to monitor contaminated
air, remote sensing of a particular area – yes
little for what …

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