The submarine aliens found on the moon

Looking at the pictures of the moon, ufologists unexpectedly discovered
The surface of the natural satellite of the Earth is an inexplicable structure.
UFO researchers chose to name her alien submarine.
This is what this mysterious object looks like – how huge
submarine left unknown to anyone near us
space body. Considering the fact that in Selena, according to
alternative specialists, once splashing the seas, it’s not bad

An amazing image has already managed to fly around many sites.
The World Wide Web and even interest official scientists.
However, people of science, as always, are in no hurry to believe that on
The moon once lived rational beings, and maybe they still live
since then Recognized experts report that we are probably talking about
lava tube through which the molten mountain once flowed
breed. However, scientists are not able to explain why
The structure found by ufologists has a perfectly smooth symmetrical
form and really looks like a submarine.

Famous conspirologist and UFO researcher Scott Waring
commenting almost all resonant ufological news,

I do not think that it is precisely the submarine that is hidden under the regolith.
But there is definitely something there. It may be cigar-shaped.
the alien ship or their sublunary base is so elongated
forms. Such a place is ideal for shelter from space
radiation and meteorite bombardment. If representatives of extraterrestrial
civilization left him, then it can be used by man
during the colonization of the moon. It can be considered a real gift from
aliens for our race, if they, of course, allow us at all
dwell on this huge artificial alien base under
the name is Luna …

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