The sun is crazy: what awaits us in the comingyears?

Since September 4, seven serious flares have occurred on the Sun,
state NASA staff, they are all high category X, and
the strongest explosion reached level X9.3, which was called
the strongest for all the years of observations of the Luminary, except for
scant information of past centuries.

The most famous Japanese scholar, Kazunari Shibata (Kazunari
Shibata) Kyoto University Astrophysics Supervisor
Hida and Kwasan observatories, a tireless researcher of physics
solar plasma and space weather gave an interview about it
Kyodo News publisher.

In it, he prophesies further, even more serious flashes on
The sun is coming soon, which may become for humanity
catastrophic because cosmic
satellites, electrical networks, the Internet and mobile communications finally
�”Bring down” the nuclear power plant and lead modern society to a complete collapse.
Moreover, the scientist emphasizes that nothing depends on us: the Sun
gone mad, and we can only hope for the best.

However, psychic and sorcerer Artem Besov, who is also concerned
activity of our Luminary, why built its forecast for
the future, based on clairvoyance, believes that it is not the Sun, but
mankind has gone mad:

People played too much, literally stuck in money,
debauchery and wars, forgetting about their spiritual beginning. Strong flash
on our luminary, strange meteor activity finally
frightening hurricanes of the last days and other natural disasters are
only signs that humanity is going crazy, and the cosmos
sends marks – he noted.

Hard times are coming for humanity. Esoteric
practically unanimous in opinion that this year can still be
call good, then it will only get worse. Therefore, we have identified
the current year 2017 is crystal, the next one is gray, and 2019 is
difficult, 2020 – scary. After that, the situation will begin to improve.
However, this, again, I emphasize, not because the sun comes to its senses,
and humanity will begin to understand at least something, and let
suffering, but changing for the better …

According to the sorcerer Besov, there will be no end of the world, but the world
change dramatically in the coming years. And the worst thing is
this is waiting for those who do not understand and do not want to understand the laws of the universe,
too immersed in the passions of this physical world that is not
by chance all spiritual leaders at all times called illusion.

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