The supernatural phenomenon that happened to oneof the most famous skeptics of the planet

The 63-year-old American historian Michael Shermer is one of
most famous materialists of the modern world. This popularizer
science created in 1992 the so-called Society of skeptics,
aimed at combating pseudoscience and superstition. Besides,
Dr. Shermer is the chief editor of a popular magazine.
�”Skeptic”, devoted largely to the denial of various
supernatural assertions.

In short, a more exemplary materialist is still worth looking for.
in our world, moreover, intelligent, talented and well-read – right
Mikhail Berlioz from Bulgakov’s novel The Master and Margarita.
However, few people know that something happened in Michael’s life once
that he failed to explain rationally. It happened, by the way,
not so long ago. The mysterious story began on June 25, 2014, in
historian’s wedding day with german jennifer graf. Male bride
raised in childhood by her mother and grandfather, who was for her like
father. Unfortunately, the grandfather died when she was 16 years old.

Supernatural grandfather radio

Among the things that the future spouse of an American brought to him
house from Germany turned out to be an old transistor radio
�”Philips 070″ 1978 release, once belonged to her grandfather.
Shermer, interested in such a rarity, decided to return it to
life after decades of silence. The man disassembled the device with
the goal is to make sure that contacts have not moved anywhere, details have not burned,
put in new batteries. However, the receiver remained
silent, and because the couple in love soon lost to him everyone
interest, despite its symbolic connection with the memory of the worthy
all respect grandfather jennifer.

Three months later, the couple received a marriage certificate,
having signed up for the Beverly Hills court, and returned home. There
lovers uttered allegiance to each other and exchanged
wedding rings in the presence of witnesses and those closest to them
people. True, Jennifer was saddened that next to her at that moment
there was no her grandfather who would lead the bride to the altar. When
the ceremony was left behind, and the newlyweds retired, they suddenly
heard weird sounds from your bedroom. It looked like there
played music.

Our heroes were amazed when they discovered that the very radio,
lying in the drawer of the table, unexpectedly began to play some old
romantic melody. Jennifer burst into tears and said:

My grandfather is with us today. This music is his sign of approval and
a gift to us.

The newly married couple all night did not close their eyes and listened to retro
hits about love, but the next morning the receiver was silent and more since then no
turned on. Michael took the device to the workshop, however there
they said it was critically faulty and could not be fixed,
because today there are not even spare parts for it. When
surprised man said that the radio worked perfectly at all
recently, he was told that it is simply impossible.

Mystic, surprised the most hardened skeptic

Perhaps to many regulars of our site this story is not
It seems so amazing and unusual, but it has
enormous influence on Dr. Shermer and his wife. American
continues to consider himself a skeptic, but now admits that he does not
every phenomenon can be explained through science and common sense.
Here is what he writes:

Had it happened to someone else, I would explain
occurred by a simple electrical anomaly or a large law
numbers Every day there are septillion events in the world, and
some of them will surely seem to us extremely
unlikely to stand out from the crowd due to their
time and the possible value of what is happening. I will not say
as if this incident proves that the afterlife is real and dead
can interact with us with electronic devices.
However, now I also will not argue that nothing is going
beyond the usual did not happen. The scientific method is not always to be.
skeptical and categorically denied everything that does not match
to your convictions, and to think openly when confronted with something

To this would be worth adding the statement of spiritual people who
rightly believe that modern science has shouldered
too unbearable burden – the desire to explain this world with
only logic and physical laws. And when she has none of this
it turns out, such hardened materialists like Michael Shermer,
just shrug their shoulders, instantly dropping down from their pedestal
know-it-all to, perhaps, the most frank understanding of the universe,
once expressed by the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates: I know
just that I know nothing …

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