The surveillance camera recorded a phantom inMoscow Museum

В Moscow Museum военной истории «Стрелецкие палаты» водится
ghost that recently hit the lens of one of the cameras
CCTV. Employees of a cultural institution have long been
complain about the mysterious supernatural power that
occasionally pranks and scares the living. For example, activity
the alleged drummer has repeatedly watched the local guide
Konstantin Bondarenko.

According to the man, a phantom can disable electronics,
create problems with lighting. So, come from the subtle world once
something did not like the picture in one of the halls, and above the canvas
The illumination lamp began to blink constantly. No electrician managed
find a rational explanation for this anomaly. Mariana Chepeleva
confirms the words of his colleague and adds that being in
The museum is very uncomfortable. All the time you feel that next to you
there is someone invisible.

The unexpected appearance of a disembodied guest on the system monitor
Security has become a big event here. Not every day you have
hands appear evidence of the reality of the thin world. Turning on
the video below, you can see with your own eyes
mysterious bright spot, slowly rising at night on the museum
the stairs. Any reputable paranormal specialist
will confirm to you that this is by no means a speck of dust or an insect on
camera lens – on the flight of stairs is really something
moved, and it was not a man. At least not a worker
the museum.

Ghost does not want to leave the walls of the Moscow Museum

In the “Strelets Chambers” even invited psychics to
determined the nature of the anomaly and explained how to get rid of it.
One of the mediums concluded that the building has a portal in
another world, and proposed to eliminate it within 40 days, however from
this did not work out. The museum also visited the father,
consecrated exhibition. It turned out that a similar procedure is already
done in the 90s, when there was a department of the Ministry
culture. After all, these are the former chambers of the dumny clerk Semen Titov, and
they have existed for 400 years now. For such a long history
any events leading up to
the ghost that “manages” here so far and leave, apparently,
is not going to yet, despite all the efforts of the people …

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