The Swede accidentally made a selfie with a “ghostlycohabitant “

A resident of the Swedish city Sigtuna, which is located near
Stockholm, claims to be completely photographed
recently with a supposed ghost.

According to the man, about six years ago, he and his wife moved
to my own apartment where the couple immediately felt a presence
something strange. Nothing happens in new apartments
unusual, but the couple constantly feel that they are not alone.
Sometimes they even think that someone is watching them. Mysterious
The snapshot was the first and currently the last documentary.
confirmation that in the walls of this dwelling in fact huddles
something sinister.

Our hero says that he came a few days ago with
work, took a shower and went into the bedroom. There he made himself
I sent it to my beloved, who has not yet returned home from service. They
both did so constantly, expressing the attention of each
to a friend. A man could not even imagine that this time
photo news for a cute may not like something for her.

In response, the Swede soon received a strange message: “What is this
crap behind your back ?! ”

Surprised by this answer, the man looked at the selfie he made.
and with amazement he found a smiling pale face on him, as if
looking out from behind the bed. Naturally, the couple thought that
photos imprinted their ghostly roommate, presence
which they feel all the time in the apartment. Now the couple is afraid
be there and looking for a psychic to cast out evil spirits.

Internet users even sympathized with the Swedes and gave them
some practical tips. However the most interesting
You can find this one as a comment:

And actually, why are you suddenly so scared? Six years you
knew very well that living in an apartment was not alone, but it was worth seeing
the pale face of a ghost, as there and then – panic. If this ghost
so much time peacefully gets on with you, then I think there is nothing
to be afraid of Speaking frankly, in every house, in every
the apartment has its ghosts, just most often they are completely
manifest themselves …

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