The talking parrot himself ordered the parcel viathe Internet

Everyone knows that parrots are very intelligent birds, but it’s unlikely
someone guessed until today that these amazing
creatures can make successful online purchases.

So, 39-year-old resident of London Corienne Pretorius was recently
Extremely surprised when a courier knocked on her door
several gift boxes in the amount of 10 pounds.

The woman told the messenger that she didn’t buy anything like that
however, the courier reported that an error was unlikely. After a little
proceedings it turned out that from the computer of the British really
voice order was made. Corienne was truly amazed when
I heard my pet on this recording. 5 year old jaco parrot
Buddy used the company’s voice system “Alexa”
�“Amazon”, ordering with the help of a microphone these same boxes for
gift wrapping. The mistress of the house at that moment was at work, not
подозревая об активности своего любимца в the Internetе.

On the record provided to her from the store (in the form
evidence) the mistress of the parrot clearly heard her
talking bird asks to send cardboard gift boxes. how
Buddy thought of such an idea – a real mystery. It is worth noting,
that Jaco are considered the most talented talking parrots. Living
with a human, such a bird can memorize over a thousand words.
Extensive research suggests that jaco is also capable
be aware of the meanings of many words, including abstract concepts.

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