The teleported car hit the video inBarnaul

In the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet is gaining popularity
Mysterious video, filmed by the DVR last Friday, 22
December It happened in the Leninsky district of Barnaul. Amazing
the record shows the sudden appearance of a car on the road, which,
seemingly nowhere to take it. That is why many
users of social networks felt that the Chevrolet Niva SUV
just teleported to the roadway. According to another
supernatural theory of our compatriots, there was a failure in
the work of the so-called “Matrix” in which humanity lives.

Turning on the video below, you can see on the 13th
second, as the “Niva” unexpectedly leaves because of another car, although
before this SUV was nowhere to be seen. �”Teleported”
the car creates an emergency situation, forcing the owner of the car with
DVR to brake sharply. �”Ghost car” as in
than ever, it goes further and hides from the view of the camera. Author
Igor Igorovich is sure that something happened
beyond the natural. He not only posted the received
Record on the well-known video hosting “YouTube”, but also published it
in several Barnaul groups of Russian social networks.
From there, a potential sensation was picked up by domestic

Skeptics, naturally, believe that no paranormalschiny
there is no. According to the doubters, “Niva” went on the road
from some side of the road and for several seconds moved after another
car, because of what, they say, and can get the impression
that the “ghost” SUV appeared in the middle of the street from nowhere.
Be that as it may, the secret materialized, presumably from
air machines are very interested in the World Wide Web patrons
and gave rise to heated debate among them. For example, about the presence of parallel
worlds that are almost no different from ours, why are emerging
from there people, cars, animals for some time do not even notice it
transition. That is why, for example, “Niva”, which the camera shot
DVR behaves as if nothing happened.
In addition, this video was a good reminder of the importance
compliance with the rules of the road. True if the car itself
teleported or appeared from a parallel world, then
This traffic violation is excusable …

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