The terrible predictions of Nostradamus for 2018because someone needs

Scary articles predicting the Internet
Nostradamus for the current 2018, they say, it is called medieval
oracle is the worst in human history. Among these worst fears
– natural cataclysms of global scale and the Third World

Moreover, the XVI century astrologer Michel de Notrdam (real name
Nostradamus) “argues” even with modern astronomers, proving
from their distant past that it was in 2018 (and not through
two hundred years, according to scientists of the XXI century) will collapse on Earth
a huge meteorite, that is still waiting for us and space

Add to this the massive fires in Siberia – and a picture of horror
on the face. But … as a minor addition to all this horror – in
In the future, people will live 200 years or more, and they will also learn
talk to animals (which will survive or what? thanks,

And now let’s digress from the “horror stories” and try
find out who this was the greatest oracle of all time

  • first, his quatrain predictions are vague and allegorical,
    like fortune-teller cards laid out on the table, that is, there is much in these
    predictions depend not on the maps themselves, but on who these foggy
    decipher marks (catch the difference between predictions on
    normal human language and decoding of symbolic characters),
    therefore even there is an opinion that the quatrains of Nostradamus
    only already accomplished events accurately “predict”;
  • secondly, quatrains decoders are a great many, and all
    they contradict each other, practically creating multivariate
    Pictures of the future, from which journalists choose the worst
    (it is necessary to scare readers). Moreover, the smartest codebreakers
    it is recognized that even up to 10 percent predicts
    the future of these quatrains is impossible, the very stubborn, and such as
    many times, they claim that they have discovered a unique encryption code
    ill-starred quatrains, but because they and only they know what awaits our
    future world;
  • thirdly, the researcher of the true history of Russia, the writer
    Georgy Sidorov once told (read his “The legacy of the whites
    gods “), that the Siberian shamans (the power of these sorcerers is good
    described in a series of articles on our site under the common name “Yakutia
    mystical “) told him that there was no history
    Nostradamus, they say, lived in the Middle Ages a certain Michel de Notrdam, but
    he did not deal with any prophecies, and the quatrains are the purest
    water fake from the dark forces, like the story invented
    Russia, the West and the whole world in general. So modern
    Nostradamus quatrains decoders do practically
    the continuation of this falsification: who is due to a misunderstanding, and who

The terrible predictions of Nostradamus need the Illuminati

Who needs the terrible predictions of Nostradamus for 2018?
It seems that not only journalists who really love
to scare its readers, it seems that the quatrains of this “oracle”
written precisely to keep humanity in constant
tension and fear – so people are easier to manage, imposing their own

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