The theater photographed a phantom of the famousactor

Graham Ley, 48, an avid theater-goer, claims
that he managed to photograph the ghost of the famous British
actor и комика Сида Джеймса.

It happened a few days ago when he watched the musical
�“Mamma Mia!” In the English theater “Sunderland Empire”. According to
men, the spirit of the legendary comedian flew a few meters from
the scene on which James died in April 1976 at the age of 62
years old.

According to Лэя, традиционно сидевшего в первом ряду, во время
intermission over the orchestra pit flew translucent whitish
an object radiating a faint radiance. He could not be confused with
insect, a glare of light, a speck of dust or a feather.

The man says that he accidentally paid attention
on the room for musicians and saw there a strange ball flying with
relatively high speed. Our hero quickly got his
smartphone and captured the anomaly in the picture. Graham working
a doctor, is not too religious a man, but he immediately
thought of the supernatural. Briton tells:

I am rather skeptical in my life beliefs, however
this mysterious photo has something that made me
suddenly reflect on the afterlife. I like to think about
that the ghost of Sid James himself got in the lens of my phone.
It is said that his spirit tends to appear in several theaters
United Kingdom, where this talented man performed at
of life. For example, in the theater “Edwardian”, if you believe the urban
legend, he appears accompanied by two deceased actresses.

In his commentary on the snapshot, Graham Lay explained why he
considered that he saw the spirit of Sid James. The fact is that it
the first thing that occurred to him and at the same time he began to beat faster
heart and even sweat on his forehead: he seemed to hear a voice
знаменитого actor, который подтвердил его догадку…

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