�”The Time Traveler” demonstratedplant from 6000 year

A video of another man supposedly traveling in time
appeared on the famous video hosting “YouTube”.

This time we are talking about an elderly woman who, according to
own approval, visited in the year 6000 and even managed
pick up from there a fragment of a fancy plant called
Rocklorough. In fact, if you believe the heroine of an unusual video, this
the flower grew on Earth millions of years ago, however
future scientists will be able to recreate it by genetic engineering.

The woman says her name is Chloe, and she lives in Finland.
In her youth, she said, she worked in a secret government
laboratories where scientists tried to invent the technology of moving to
future. In 1966, they allegedly did it, and our heroine
volunteered to travel in the year 6000.

There, according to Chloe, were infinitely high
skyscrapers, flying cars and, surprisingly, incredibly many
vegetation. Trees, bushes, grass and flowers were
planted every square centimeter of land, unused by people.
Thus, humanity not only survived, but also learned to live in
harmony with nature, while continuing to develop in
technological plan.

Finca says that due to global climate change
humanity will be at a certain point on the verge of extinction.
The temperature in some parts of the Earth will reach 70 degrees
Celsius! Only then will our distant descendants forever reject
fossil energy sources and plant the whole planet with plants. Already
a few decades later, our “blue ball”, they say,
become a real paradise.

Believe it or not this fantastic video, your business. WITH
On the one hand, this is very similar to fake, but what is interesting is:
time travel has been proven for a long time, and not only
numerous written and oral eyewitness accounts
such events, albeit most often random and spontaneous, for example,
described by the police, but also confirmed by scientists. True, while
most people continue to round their eyes in surprise:
can not be!..

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