The Time Traveler Too Easylie detector test

Another self-titled “time traveler” appeared in
World Wide Web. His video message on YouTube collected
many views and comments. Young man calling
himself Noah, claims to have been in the foreseeable future, namely
2030, and safely returned back to our days. This
the individual happily talks about what is said to be waiting
humanity in 12 years. So what does he prophesy to us?

According to Noah, in 2021, American President Donald Trump,
despite all the criticism towards him, will be elected on the second
time limit In 2030, for the first time, a woman will become the head of the United States.
and her name will be Ilana Remika. Global climate change will be
progress and over the next decade in Europe
becomes colder, and in North America, by contrast, will become warmer. Already in
2028 will be the first expedition to Mars. Electric cars will be
rapidly replace transport with combustible fuel and will
reach speeds of up to 970 kilometers per hour. Housekeeping
will start to deal with robotic assistants. In addition, by 2030
year, scientists will find cures for some common forms

Divorced Time Travelers – No Ending

Наш герой якобы даже прошел lie detector test. Turning on
the video below, you can see this process
with my eyes. Polygraph, if you believe in the validity of the experiment,
unequivocally confirmed that Noah is telling the truth and only the truth.
However, many users of the World Wide Web immediately stated that in
Actually, the lie detector does not work at all and does not give out
messages like “true” or “false.” Instead, it measures
physiological reactions of the body (pulse, respiratory rate,
pressure) to questions and determines in such a way at what moments
the individual is under stress, that is, telling a lie.

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