The tiniest insect on Earth is a male withminimal vital functions

On one of the Internet resources the life of this tiny insect
even poetically called – sad, but I think the author
too humanized the existence of the male dicopomorpha echmepterygis,
which in reality is one hundred percent fulfilling the functions and
duties imposed on him by nature.

Although this male is actually tiny – no more than 139
micromillimeter. It is several times smaller than the female Dicopomorpha.
echmepterygis (see the photos below for comparison), but unlike
from their female halves, this male is also
deprived of virtually all the organs that are necessary for
existence in our physical world. He has neither eyes nor
the wings, not even the mouth (of course, and digestive function
also). This little male is an example of evolutionary minimalism, he
is born, fertilizes the female and immediately dies. For that to him
missing a few minutes.

But the female Dicopomorpha echmepterygis is more functional:
she hatched next to the male and soon fertilized them,
eats all the insides of an egg that has become for this couple
maternity and marriage bed, gets out and looking for
another egg is a sacrifice, where it will lay a new laying.

Here is a simple life cycle of small
insect parasites dicopomorpha echmepterygis where the female is like here
identified by many Internet users, again
rules that observed in almost every “family cell”
animal world. For example, the Melittoba parasites did the same.
acasta Among the spiders, some females, after fertilization, immediately
eat up their boyfriends. The same shows the female praying mantis, if,
Of course, this smart handsome will not give time to tear.

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