The tourist filmed a mysterious flying ball,attacking him

A traveler who recently visited the city of Bello in Colombian
Department of Antioquia, faced there with a mysterious phenomenon. Tourist
says that he went out to the balcony of his hotel room and
noticed a glowing white ball in the distance above the houses. It’s been past
a few seconds, and the ball unexpectedly tore off, rushing along
air directly to the operator. On the frames below you can
see how a bundle of light flies up to the balcony and maybe
breaks about it. Fortunately, the author of the video was not affected, although
remained very frightened and puzzled by the alleged attempted murder
side of the unknown anomaly.

Video immediately scattered on the World Wide Web, collecting
many views and comments of ordinary people and independent
researchers. Some netizens thought it was
rare ball lightning. Others have decided that this is about some
energy essence. According to third, the camera lens
eyewitness hit a small UFO, launched by representatives of extraterrestrial
civilization. The fourth are convinced that it was secret
experimental weapon, and the traveler stands immediately
go to the hospital for a physical. Finally, there are skeptics,
claiming to be an ordinary hoax using
video editing.

Each of these versions has the right to exist, only
this does not bring us one iota closer to the solution of such mysterious
phenomena. And there are more of them in life than it even seems, and therefore
rare videos about them always cause mixed reactions:
the delight of those who have come across something similar and ardent
skepticism, who was lucky in this regard is much less …

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