The tropics proved useless in providingthe oxygen of our planet

It is believed that tropical rainforests are “light
planets ”, that is, a huge natural system that absorbs
carbon dioxide and gives off oxygen in return. However last
research by American environmentalists suddenly put this thesis under
doubt. It turned out that the tropics can “exhale” almost doubled
more carbon dioxide than recycle to oxygen. In this way,
these ecological systems do not cope with their important

A group of specialists from the University of Boston calculated that
tropical rainforests annually emit more than 860
million tons of carbon dioxide. This is more than the volume of dioxide.
carbon emitted into the air by all cars of the United
States of America for the same period. And absorb the tropics only about
430 million tons of carbon dioxide. Approximately 70% of all greenhouse
gases on Earth emit the tropics of South America, Africa and Asia.
All because of scientists, according to scientists, the deterioration of the quality of forests caused
destructive human activity.

However, few people know that in fact most
Oxygenates on our planet produce phytoplankton in the World
ocean and peat bogs. About 60% of the oxygen that is produced
plants, they themselves spend on the necessary for any organism
oxidative processes and proper decomposition. Some scientists
even claim that during the full life cycle each
a tree consumes as much oxygen as it has in its life
worked out. It turns out that it’s not the forests that feed us with oxygen,
anyway – not tropical …

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