The truth about the American “moon mission” on the backgroundmanned flight to Mars

Today the hoax of the Apollo lunar mission is increasingly
viewed not through the lens of fake Hollywood films, in
than the US space agency NASA even admitted, with
this deftly justified that it was supposedly done only for the purpose
improve the quality of video, and from the perspective of the possibility of such

Scientists almost unanimously recognize that even today we don’t
we are able to overcome the Van Allen radiation belts, and
because neither the moon nor the more to mars manned satellites yet
will not fly. It is not by chance that Russian President Vladimir Putin is confident
declared that robots (cars) would fly first to the Red Planet, for
man is still an insurmountable line.

Russia 24 also raised this issue – really
a man fly to Mars today. And the scientists’ answer turned out to be quite
categorical: not even taking into account all other problems of people delivery
on the Red Planet, for example, misunderstandings with cosmic bacteria,
they are extremely dangerous for health in the first place because of the strong
radiation exposure that prevails in the open space, in
difference from orbital flights, although we conditionally call them also
space, even if it is not so far.

That’s why NASA in the last century after supposedly carried out
flights to the moon with the Apollo rockets showed no real radiation for
outside the NOU, and the one that is in Earth orbit. And this
was NASA’s most subtle trick that space explorers
discovered much later. That is, the Apollo astronauts are not
crossed the Van Allen radiation belts, and therefore did not fly on
The moon

And although there is no evidence about the health of those American
astronauts (it was simply not studied, because it was not
no need, since no one flew anywhere), however all
the participants of that “lunar mission” lived in good health to a deep
old age, that simply would not be possible because, according to
scientists, those “legendary Apollos” can be compared to the canning
a can, completely unprotected from radiation – even into orbit
летать было не совсем безопасно, не то что на The moon

Today, NASA experts are serious about the problem
manned flights outside the DOE, rightly considering them so far
impossible. And at the same time, they keep silent about the truth about their
the mythical “moon mission” of the past. To say that they are just ashamed
for their fathers – the language does not turn: the conscience of this nation
just not what Americans proves to the whole world for
the whole history of the United States …

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